Come Closer Pre-Order Contest!

Hey all!

I am so excited for you to read my upcoming book Come Closer! It will be releasing on February 7th. To celebrate this release I am having a pre-order giveaway.


If you Pre-Order a digital or paperback copy of COME CLOSER, you can sign up below (or click HERE) to receive an exclusive bonus scene from the POV of Justin Lockhart!


Pre-order here: Amazon  |  iBooks  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo

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Check out teasers from my upcoming book BLOWN AWAY


Today InkslingerPR hosted a teaser reveal for Blown Away. Blown Away will be released in just 8 days! It’s currently up for pre-order, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of my newest book!


Thank you to everyone who helped reveal the teasers today!

  Blown Away_Rothert

BLOWN AWAY – Loveswept (May 3, 2016)


You can pre-order it here.

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BlownAway_Teaser3 Book Blurb:

In a sensual, emotionally charged novel of love and loss, a tender affair gives two daring storm chasers the strength to overcome shattered dreams and the courage to build a future together.

Drew McGovern is living for two. Her fiancé, Colby, used to savor the feeling of a powerful gale, the rain pelting his face as the sky grew dark—until a shocking tragedy struck him down. Drew’s still grieving his death a year later when she bumps into some of his old storm chasing buddies. For reasons she can’t explain, she volunteers for the next tornado. But when she reconnects with Colby’s best friend, Aiden O’Neal, Drew gets a breath of fresh air that stirs the ashes of her broken heart.

Aiden doesn’t trust himself around Drew. He’s wanted this girl for a long time—long enough to remember the stab of jealousy he felt the first time he saw her in Colby’s arms, long enough to remember the tears that fell as they buried the man they each still miss. Now he’s trying his best to behave himself. But when the wind ruffles Drew’s hair and puts a sparkle in her eye, Aiden can’t resist the urge to hold her close. And when it comes to true love, he’s holding out hope that lightning strikes twice.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.



What readers are saying about BLOWN AWAY…







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Why Wattpad?

I often get questions about Wattpad. From readers – what is it? From authors – do you like it? So I decided to share my experience with Wattpad and some of my thoughts here.

I’ve been writing books for a little over two years. I’d heard of Wattpad but figured it was just a place for aspiring writers to get feedback on their work. And while that’s an awesome premise, I didn’t think it was for me. But I found out at an author conference in Feb. that I was all kinds of wrong.

Wattpad is ninety percent readers and ten percent authors, I heard a Wattpad spokesperson say on a panel. And even the authors on Wattpad are readers, so unlike other forms of social media, everyone there loves books. That got my attention. Then she mentioned an app Wattpad has for erotic content called After Dark. I downloaded it on my phone during the session and was blown away by the number of views some of the books there had.
Convinced that there’s definitely something to this Wattpad thing, I went back to my hotel room, started a Wattpad account and posted the first section of my novella Healing Touch. I slowly gained followers over the next six weeks. My goal was to one day have 1,000 Wattpad followers.

Healing Touch book coverThings really took off for me when Wattpad featured Healing Touch on their site. That got it in front of lots more eyes. I started gaining around 1,000 followers a day.

But Brenda, aren’t those followers just teenage girls in other countries who will never buy your books?

You know, naysayer, I bet some of them are. But in my experience, a lot aren’t. I often get messages from Wattpad readers asking where they can buy my books after reading my work on Wattpad.

Wattpad is episodic. Authors post works one installment at a time, and for me each installment is one chapter. I love pressing publish on a new installment and seeing my Wattpad readers clicking on it and commenting within minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.32.03 PM
Readers can comment on a book as they are reading. I get to find out exactly which lines readers think are funniest and sexiest. When I write something I want my readers to roll their eyes over, I get to find out if they do.

Wattpad is a most unexpected source of writing inspiration for me. Here are just a few of the comments I’ve gotten on my profile:

You have no idea how excited I get when you upload! You’re an amazing author! Love your books.

I love both of your books. Killian is my favorite plz update. Sorry if that sounded pushy.

Are Killian and Healing Touch your only books? Because if you have any other books elsewhere of love to read them!! You’re an amazing author!

I absolutely love this book. When a book is good u talk to yourself when you get to a good part and I just did that. SO PLEASE FINISH THE BOOK. #HEALINGTOUCHISAWESOME


Writing is a solitary profession. When I’m behind on sleep and up against a deadline, it’s way too easy to convince myself my work is crap on a cracker. Wattpad lifts me up every time I open the app. My readers there are positive and engaged and excited. They get my quick voice and sense of humor.

My advice to authors who want to use Wattpad is not to think it’s a quick and easy marketing site. You can’t drop off an excerpt and some buy links and expect to grow a devoted following. Post entire works there. Only post polished, edited work. Interact with readers there and listen to the feedback they give.

And for readers, if you like to try out new authors, Wattpad is a great place for it. I didn’t think I liked the episodic format, but I’m hooked. Am I giving my books away for free? Sure, some, but definitely not all. I was sold long ago on the power of a free loss leader as a marketing tool, so it’s nothing new to me. And what I get back from my Wattpad readers in writing motivation makes it completely worth it to me.

So now, when people ask me Why Wattpad?, my first question is Why not?

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7 Questions with Denise from Shh

Through writing books, I’ve met loads of interesting people. I want to share the awesomeness with you, so I’m starting something new. I’ll be asking 7 Questions of book peeps I think you’d enjoy virtually meeting. I’m really excited (REALLY REALLY!) that Denise from Shh Mom’s Reading agreed to be first.


Brenda: The blog has nearly 23,000 likes on Facebook. Did you and your blog partner Christine think when you started it that it would be so popular?

Denise: Christine and I had no idea or expectation that Shh Moms Reading would grow to its current size. We founded the blog with the desire to spread the word about books we love, and with the goal to be seen as professional and honest.

Brenda: What trends are you noticing in books lately? Is there anything you’re particularly excited about and hoping to see more of?

Denise: Christine and I often read different books, so I will just speak for me first. I read a wide variety of books in the romance genre.  As far as trends, I think the first one that comes to mind is that there are so many books being released on a daily basis, a lot more than in the past. With that being said, often times we see that it is the same story over and over. I hope that authors continue to try to tell me stories, to open readers’ eyes and to craft unique stories outside of the formula. Other trends that we have seen are more serial books. Serials are interesting in that they are fun, quick reads that you can fit in between books.  Speaking for Christine, who reads them more than I do, yes they are fun but often times a full complete read is more worthwhile as it envelops you into a book and you become so captivated that you don’t want to stop reading.  Depending on the serial, this could be a hit or miss.

Brenda: My nightly ritual is to read in bed. Sometimes it’s for ten minutes, and other times it’s for an hour. When do you like to read, and what’s your favorite place to read?

Denise: My husband will tell you I read whenever and where ever I can. I prefer to read on my own in quiet which rarely happens, hence the name of our blog.  Credit to Christine for the name Shh Moms Reading (yes I adore her – we are real life friends who met when our boys were on a travel hockey team together).

In all seriousness, reading a book I am engrossed in, with characters I feel connected to, with characters who feel real, written with such clarity and with dialogue that makes me feel like I am in the room with the characters; that is my favorite place to read … so it’s not about the location but the words on my kindle.

Yes, I am kindle reader, Christine often laughs because I struggled to read paperback though I do collect signed ones of books I love.

Brenda: What part of the blog do you find most gratifying?

Denise: I feel most gratified when I introduce readers to a new author, when we help them find a new book that touches their soul, one they might not have tried but gave a chance because of what we posted.

Brenda: Sometimes readers tell me they don’t think they’re “good” at writing reviews of books, even if they loved them. What’s your advice to someone who is inexperienced at writing reviews, but wants to try?

Denise: Sorry I am not comfortable giving advice to others on what makes a good review; I am not an expert.  Shh Moms Reading is just our voice.

Brenda: With the popularity of the blog, you must get more requests for reviews than you can accommodate. What makes you decide to take a chance on a book from an author who is unfamiliar to you?

Denise: First thank you for the compliment, yes we get more requests than we could ever accommodate even if Christine and I could read all day. (Shh is just the two of us).

This is an interesting question, it varies from book to book, it is almost like a gut response, I will say there are a few bloggers and readers whose recommendations I truly take to heart.  Often it is the blurb, I think a blurb is so important. 

Brenda: And finally – what are you currently reading?

Denise: Sorry, Brenda, Shh that’s a secret.


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